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About Us

Please accept this as our introduction to the Lake Palestine Area Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber is comprised of a number of cities in the Lake Palestine area, which include Frankston, Berryville, Poynor, Larue, and the West Side of Flint.

As a group, companies and individuals work to make our area attractive to new and existing businesses. We also work to make our community family-oriented and are proud to call this area our home. We want others to feel at home here as well. We sponsor events throughout our communities that emphasize pride in our cities. We raise money for our business community through our fund raising events. We like to bring recognition to those in our area for a job well done.

As technology has evolved, so have we. Our web site changes daily. We are building links with other cities and chambers through our web site and the lines of communication grow and develop as do new ideas and opportunities. The Palestine Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce of Tyler, Jacksonville, Palestine, and Bullard are presently link swapping. Athens will join shortly when their upgrade is completed. The exchange of information and ideas can only have a positive impact for all involved.

In closing we invite you to join the Lake Palestine Area Chamber of Commerce. Go to the link here that says “APPLY”. Print it out and mail it in. We want to recognize you as one of the many helping our community grow and provide essential services for residents of the surrounding areas.

Last Update: 4/8/2023